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On Top


We shot this outfit post on the very top of Pisac, one of the many Inca sites found in Peru. The view was absolutely stunning, and although we were at a considerable height, the sun kept us warm most of the time.

As for this look, I love the leather cuff detail on the dress, and to add an extra touch I wore it with a jewelled collar shirt underneath. Finally my super comfortable boots were a much needed accessory to be able to make it to the top. I hope you like it!

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As I have mentioned before, I’m currently traveling through South America. I’ve had the luck of visiting some amazing corners of the World! So here is my first travel post of the trip.

My first stop was Lima, Peru’s capital. It was really more of a pit stop as I was barely in the city for a day, but my short stay was surely worth it. The food was amazing, and the coastline was beautiful.

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Summer Dress


This time I have a pretty good excuse for my absence in the past week… I’m currently on a family trip. We really haven’t stopped. As a matter of fact, I don’t have much time on my hands right now, but I really wanted to post a quick update.

Here is an outfit I’ve been meaning to share with you for a while. I love the easiness of this summer dress, which I can assure you will definitely look even better once I get a decent tan! In addition, the denim jacket maintains the laid-back mood. You can also pair it with flat sandals for a perfect beach look. One of my favourite accessories for this outfit are the friendship bracelets. They surely add that needed punch of colour! 

I got to go now, but I promise some great photographs are coming up soon! 🙂

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By the Pool


What I love most about this jumper is its colour, and how the shades of blue and turquoise merge in a harmonious print. Since the sweater is the focus of the outfit, I decided to pair it up with plain old navy shorts. Having a crisp pool as the background makes the combination look absolutely stunning, especially because the colours blend in perfectly! 

In addition, I wore the outfit with maroon lace-up heels, making the other colours stand out. I finished the look by painting my nails white, which really pulls it all together. 

PS: Thanks to my two lovely same-name friends, Rocíos! 😉

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Pick of the Week: Net-a-Sporter

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 14.42.01

Your time. Your space. Your style. Net-a-porter has a new section! A tab solely focused on activewear. “Sportswear as chic as everything else in your closet,” as it states beneath the web’s headline. And so it is, I might add.

The page is organized by sports, making it easier to find precisely what you’re looking for. Let me be honest with you, I’m not what you would call a sports’ person, but if there’s one thing I love, its dance. And guess what?! Net-a-sporter has even a section fully dedicated to dance and yoga, with beautiful leotards, wraps and accessories.

I’m going to let you judge by yourself, but I leave you with a selection of my current top picks.

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Back to Reality


“I’m trying to bring a lot of reality to Dior, which relates to how women live their lives today,” said Raf Simons to The Independent last weekend, and then he gave us AW14 Couture. Actions do speak louder than words… Let go of the idea that Couture is made to be worn solely to once in a life time occasions. Dior Fall 2014 Couture was a collection intended to be incorporated into women’s daily wardrobes. And isn’t that the most supreme expression of luxury? Buying a couture piece and mix matching it with ones day to day attires? 

As wearable as the pieces are, the craftsmanship and intricate detailing are still visible in the garments. The lines, the buttons, and the embroideries are there to remind us that it is still Couture we are talking about.

If there was something that made my heart jump, it would be the floor length coats. They were so elegant, so beautiful, so wearable! Yes, this was a collection designed for the women of today.

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