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An Old Shed


There’s a small shed close to my home that I drive by everyday. I hadn’t noticed it before because it’s hiding behind a shrubbery. I caught a glimpse of it through the bushes while I was pretending to exercise by walking, a few weeks ago. I realized then that its barren brick walls could probably make up for a nice set. And so I decided to put my denim shorts on and explore the area a bit further. In this post you can see the result of the shoot. I have to admit, it was a bit creepy to sneak around the old house, and, call me a coward but, I don’t think I will be going near it again any time soon.

PS: With this post I would like to introduce you to one of my new photographers: Gabriela Panameño. I hope you like the pictures (Thanks Gaby!).

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Pick of the Week: iPhone Cases


For the past couple of days, I’ve been scouting for an iPhone case. I recently got a new phone, and with my clumsy hands, I want to make sure it won’t smash or scratch too quickly. Of course, I want the case to be pretty and stylish too! So with this in mind, my pick of the week goes to the iPhone cases below! 

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Black Lace Top (3/3)


For my third outfit of the black crop top, I decided to pair it up with an old MNG little black dress. This actually happened to be a great idea as the straps on this dress are a bit loose on me; with the top on top, that issue was resolved.

I consider black on black to be a very elegant and flattering combination. This time around I decided to add a special wow factor with what I like to call my disco ball shoes. Also, whenever my outfit is all black I love splashing in a bit of colour with sharp red lips, a flawless final touch!

With this outfit I close up the series of the back lace top in three ways. Let me know which one was your favourite?! 

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Coral Reefs and Slenderness


Some people think that first impressions are of utmost importance. For me, first impressions are like book covers, you get a glimpse of what the book is about and what praises it gets, but you don’t really know if you like it or not until you get immersed in the story that it withholds.

So Ghesquière’s AW14 show for Louis Vuitton was the cover to this book, and Resort 2015 was the prologue. I have to admit, his second collection really engaged me. It absorbed me into an underwater world of coral reefs and slenderness. How could it not? There were models walking on water (who said fashion couldn’t defy gravity?) and colourful garments swaying in and out of the runway, as if swiftly pushed by the ocean waves. It was a relaxing voyage to a place of experimentation. Mix-matching prints, colours and materials were everywhere to be seen. The reinventing of silhouettes, genres, and pieces had its climax on that reversed off-the-shoulder top. My absolute favourite, however, were those super elegant, and elongating flare trousers in pastel pink and yellow! Yes, Yes, Yes! Need I say anything more about them?  

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Black lace top (2/3)

For the second look of the black lace top, I decided to go mid-riff all the way. I combined the crop top with my adored pair of high waisted polka dot trousers. To give the outfit a more day look, I wore my sister’s flat sandals (Hi Grace! ☺) and barely any jewellery. This time, the only pop of colour comes from my nails and a couple of charms on my bracelet.

While we were shooting, a cute little buddy approached us, scroll down to see who it was! 

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Once in a Blue Moon


The first thing I noticed at Chanel Cruise 2015 were the big half moons glued to the models’ foreheads. Karl’s muses marched down the runway sporting their wild manes pushed back by headbands, as if they were Sailor Moon’s Luna’s soldiers (remember?, the super cute cat with a moon stuck to her head?) Total childhood memories! Am I right? 

Second in line of the most noticeable pieces were the absolutely unnecessary knee-length socks paired up with summer sandals, which I ironically hated and loved at the same time! And let’s not forget that huge pearl handbag, as well as those intricate and billowy harem trousers (oh yes, and they were practically under everything…) For all I know, the 84 looks rose up to the classic One thousand and One Nights. After this collection, you’ll definitely find me wishing upon a blue moon. 

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