Hems down!

I’m posting just as I’m about to leave for London. I’m craving badly a nice break from the Canadian frosting winter that’s delaying the reality of spring, so this trip comes in perfect timing. Perhaps due to my desperation for a warmer weather, I decided that I would get rid of the tights for this post,Continue reading “Hems down!”

Pick of the week: New Balance

For a while now, I have been spotting the New Balance streetstyle trend popping here and there. Although it has been a bit in the word of mouth, I didn’t want to go on without mentioning it. This is why I decided that this week’s pick should undoubtedly be the currently trending sneakers. So let’sContinue reading “Pick of the week: New Balance”

A Snake Print Dress

We’re currently in that funny period of time when all the in-store collections shout SPRING, SPRING, SPRING, but the Winter outside continues to freeze our brains out! It is good though, because we can be creative with our outfits by mixing spring clothes with winter ones. I recently bought this snakeskin dress. I love it!Continue reading “A Snake Print Dress”

Weekend Bliss

For the most part, Spring is almost here! I’m talking about one of my favourite seasons that, this year, has proven to be filled with colour, and bright inspiration. So for the weekend, I wanted to leave you with a glimpse of the editorials and styling works that are currently in my head. Have aContinue reading “Weekend Bliss”

Perfect Imperfections

Thanks to imperfections, we can perceive and aspire perfection. In fact, it is the imperfections that make the realities around us more interesting. Even the fashion industry embraces imperfections every-so-often as a quest for originality and authenticity. Gap teeth, cat eyes, untamed eyebrows… and in my case ladders in my tights. I hate it soContinue reading “Perfect Imperfections”

February Round-up

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about introducing a monthly post displaying my wardrobe additions. This way, I can share with you my obsessions, my fashion and beauty musts, and how I incorporate the key trends into my personal style. So here is the first one of, hopefully, many! These are February’s additions toContinue reading “February Round-up”