Cozy Holiday Wishes

On holidays, and especially during winter, I tend to have lazy days. Days when I can barely command my body to crawl out of bed… not to mention to actually dress up. These are the days when all I want to do is throw a cozy, shapeless jumper on and snug in the couch withContinue reading “Cozy Holiday Wishes”


Smiles are acts of joy, kindness, and hope. They are a very powerful force that moves us. When someone smiles, we’re inevitably drawn to smile back. There is something special about smiling that can lift up spirits even amidst the hardest of circumstances.

Pick of the Week: Jumpers

It is in the air that this is the season of the jumpers and chunky knits. Not only because of the frosty weather, but also because they have creeped up into every collection out there. In American English, jumper equals pull-over sweater. Whistles, one of my favourite British high street brands has come up withContinue reading “Pick of the Week: Jumpers”

Smile: Behind the Scenes

A few days ago, I did a really fun photo-shoot with a couple of friends. It involved a few of my favourite things… Take a glimpse of what makes me SMILE.  If you don’t want to miss out on this shoot, don’t forget to follow the blog! All you need to do is submit yourContinue reading “Smile: Behind the Scenes”

Pick of the Week: Sequin Jacket

I spotted this extremely cute Ann Taylor jacket hanging on one of the multiple rails in the fashion cupboard of my office. We were working on a black and white styling project so our closet was as monochromatic as an old photograph. Regardless, my eyes and heart discovered it the minute I stepped in. WithContinue reading “Pick of the Week: Sequin Jacket”

Chic Simplicity

I consider myself to have a very simple style. Far from an over-the-top complication, I aim for a chic simplicity, not only in my outfits, but also in my conversations and writings. Since so much has been said about the Isabel Marant for H&M Collection already, I really don’t think I should add anymore blah,Continue reading “Chic Simplicity”