Pick of the Week: Friendship bracelets

Every so often I come across tiny and not so tiny fashion fixations. I obsess over a particular piece in such a way that no matter what, I just can’t shake it out of my head. Strangely, I have come to see these obsessions as a good sign. As a “You will not regret it”Continue reading “Pick of the Week: Friendship bracelets”

Oldschool Inspiration

Throwbacks are fun. I enjoy flipping through pictures and reliving moments; old pictures that take me to happy places. I always gather something good out of them. A good feeling, a good resolution, a good laugh. Last time I flipped through my High School photos, I was unexpectedly inspired. Even though I was never aContinue reading “Oldschool Inspiration”

Pick of the Week

I have been lusting over boyfriends lately. Boyfriend jeans that is. BF distressed jeans to be precise. The slouchiness and the shreds create an “I don’t care” look that is easy, comfortable, and stylish.  As shabby as they may seem, they are more versatile than what some may think. Want to dress them up? ThrowContinue reading “Pick of the Week”

Autumn Rush

They say that in Ontario, fall is the most beautiful season of the year. One of the things Canada should be proud of is its awestrucking landscapes. And when autumn hits, the breathtaking rushes rise. Like adrenaline, all the warm hues of reds, oranges, and yellows spread quickly to every little leaf in sight. AndContinue reading “Autumn Rush”

Pick of the Week: Oxford shoes

Last Summer, I threw out my beloved pair of tan leather oxfords. It was a tough, emotional decision, but it had to be done. The shoes were so trashed, they were more like shoe corpses. They had lived and proudly served their mission for over two years. They had gone everywhere, and had bravely defiedContinue reading “Pick of the Week: Oxford shoes”

A Mid-day Impulse

“Great! I can go back to using my old rings again, the ones that don’t fit me anymore,” was my friend Maggie’s reaction to my new pairs of rings. I couldn’t help but laugh. This was the first time I bought mid-finger rings, it was actually more of a thoughtless impulse than a real necessity.Continue reading “A Mid-day Impulse”